Main Foyer

Please view the Main foyer pictures in this gallery, or read below as the eye pans the room at first glance.

When a guest arrives, the Main Foyer is their first impression of the personality of a home, and this is where the "WOW" should start. The doors in a house can start to set this "WOW" personality, and, do they ever start to set that WOW personality in this featured home. The 14' tall, 3" thick entry door, the French curved Library door with beveled glass glistening, the matching cased opening with tramsom of the Dining Room, and the Gallery entrance. These all define the Main Foyer, yet offer a glimpse of the rooms beyond, and then your eyes go up...

Image 1-1
To Library

Image 1-2
Library Door

Image 1-3
Library Door

Image 1-4
Foyer Inset Dome

Image 1-5
To Main Gallery

Image 1-6
At Main Gallery

Image 1-7
Entry Door Transom

Image 1-8
Entry Casing Keyway

Image 1-9
Entry Door Top Panel

Image 1-10
Entry Door Bottom Panel

Image 1-11
Foyer Radius Base

Image 1-12
Main Stairwat