The Library is woodwork and more woodwork. It starts at the floor and encompasses the walls and ceilings. This room is so detailed that this page would be nothing but words describing the pictures. However, this may be the correct time to point out that it started out just four blank walls and roof rafters. It was the vision of the designer that saw the possibilities of this room, and through detailed drawings relayed those ideas to the skilled carftsmen who deliver a completed product ready to be stained, finished and appriciated by all.

Image 3-1
Library to Foyer View

Image 3-2
Library to Gallery View

Image 3-3
Splash Corbel

Image 3-4
Library Window Wall

Image 3-5
Bookcase & Credenza

Image 3-6

Image 3-7
Fireplace Overmantel

Image 3-8
Fireplace Mantel

Image 3-9
Bookcase Top Detail

Image 3-10
Barrel Ceiling & Beams

Image 3-11
Haunch Beam & Finial

Image 3-12
Corner Cabinet Detail