Dining Room

From a woodworking design standpoint, in this room we have created a canvas to be used later. The doors, as many times they do, set the personality of the room, and are primarily a function of other controling factors. The Wine Room, is in it's self a separate entity, yet adds to the charm of the dining experience. The formal cove crown moulding, the 1st floor house base and the oval indirect lighted ring that matches the table, finishes off the room, leaving a open canvas for art work in the future.

Image 5-1
Dining Room to Gallery

Image 5-2
Foyer to Dining Room

Image 5-3
Dining Room to Gallery

Image 5-4
Wine Room Feature Vignette

Image 5-5
Vignette Side Column

Image 5-6
Left Upper Storage

Image 5-7
Wine Room Dome

Image 5-8
Left Lower Storage

Image 5-9
Base & Shoe

Image 5-10
Wood & Iron Door

Image 5-11
Wood & Iron Door

Image 5-12
Wood & Iron Door